About Astreca

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture.
The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.”

-Richard Branson

Astreca developed its solutions and services around the world’s best business and management software systems available.We are partners with Salesforce, Cloud-based development, Database and warehouse technology, End-to-end integration and more to offer a full spectrum of services to our client.
We have selected Salesforce as our premier CRM platform, Pardot and Hubspot for marketing automation for organizations and companies of all sizes, and devised implementation and support plans to make all this as affordable and accessible as possible to these organizations.
To complement our services with data gathering,Storage, and analytics, we offer Salesforce Data migration and Open-source technologies, Migration to Lightning, and cloudera Hadoop platform.
With Salesforce the core, we are into various business software systems to create a consistent, connected and unified cloud-based business management sytstem for SMEs and startups in any sectors.

Use this site to understand:

  • How CRM platforms like Salesforce can help gather, manage and analyze customer data for actionable business insights
  • The importance of a mobile-first, cloud-first architecture in all you technology purchases
  • Where CRM fits into your larger data integration mission
  • The importance of technology that personlizes customer communication

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