Custom Salesforce Services and Solutions


Custom Salesforce Services and Solutions

As a Trusted Advisor, We Help You Harness the Full Power of Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most powerful CRMs out there, but its only as effective as your customer data and sales processes allow it to be. Whether you’re implementing or migrating to Salesforce, require assistance with maintaining your Salesforce platform, or are looking for a certified Salesforce partner to consult with, Astreca can help you reach new levels with your CRM.

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Whether you’re new to Salesforce or merely expanding your platform, Astreca promises to deliver customized implementation and migration service models that are designed to meet your budget and reach your goals. Our unique approach and deep understanding of the Salesforce CRM ensures that we hit the mark regardless of your industry, company size, or unique needs.  

Managed Services

Salesforce is always evolving, and failing to evolve with it could lead to a compromised user experience and outdated processes that hurt your business. Our Salesforce managed services help companies stay proactive when it comes to CRM maintenance, leading to a continuously-improving customer experience and a maximized ROI.


As a certified Salesforce partner with over 20 years of CRM expertise, Astreca is the ideal consultant for companies with questions about user experience, marketing, sales, analytics, and technology. Our team can guide you to success with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to ensure you have the knowledge you need to reach your business goals.


Multi-cloud implementations can get complex; you do not want to reinvent the wheel but reuse the capabilities and extend the Salesforce platform to solve your billing or revenue operations challenges. You have a well-oiled CRM system. However, manual invoicing and revenue leakage are hurting your company’s growth. As a Salesforce Billing Partner, we can help you seamlessly integrate the lead to cash process to get an accurate 360-degree view of your customer, bill customers accurately, and get paid on time.

B2B Commerce

It is proven that the future for B2B Sales is hybrid Sales; that’s why it’s crucial to have a robust, scalable B2Bplatform for faster reorders and account-based pricing. The B2B Commerce platform enables the customers to grow sales, reduce costs and provide a better buying experience using the platform capabilities. It offers an easy and quick setup, including integrations with payment and back-office applications. Talk to us about how we can boost your B2B Sales using Salesforce B2B Commerce.


If you need reporting capabilities beyond your Salesforce data but an enterprise reporting platform for your organization, Tableau CRM (formerly known as Einstein Analytics) is the answer.

It allows you to pull data from external sources and provide you with actionable insights and flexibility that you typically struggle to display using Salesforce reports and dashboards. Tableau CRM comes with preloaded dashboards that are easy to customize. You can use Tableau CRM to track your KPIs and use the predictive insights and recommendations to help grow your business.

We have extensive experience implementing Tableau CRM for our clients; please see our case study section. We are a Salesforce Sales Cloud Level I Specialist and Experience Cloud Level I Specialist; we can help you implement additional capabilities to grow your revenue.

Salesforce Shopify Integration

Benefits of the Salesforce Shopify Integration

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform, delivering an array of features to build a compelling, powerful, and effective online presence. It’s one of the most popular tools to build online companies that deliver sales while managing products, taking payments and marketing goods. For companies that also want to manage contact details, sales and marketing promotions […]

Benefits of a Salesforce Agile Transformation

Benefits of a Salesforce Agile Transformation

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