Astreca’s Bulk Merge App

A Salesforce app that helps companies handle data quality issues.

An App for Clean and Quality Data

If you have data quality issues in Salesforce, your entire business is likely to suffer. Even though Salesforce does have a native option for handling duplicate data, it’s a manual process that often proves to be very time consuming and frustrating.

Here at Astreca, we want to empower companies by offering useful Salesforce services and solutions. In this case, our team developed a Bulk Merge app focused on cleaning up data for Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads.

The Bulk Merge app works in four simple steps:

  1. Identify the object where you suspect there may be duplicates.
  2. Select the fields you want to use to identify unique records.
  3. Run the app to identify any duplicate records.
  4. Easily bulk merge these duplicate records.

The Bulk Merge app relies on several combinations of rules and algorithms to identify and flag potential duplicates. This app also identifies the master record and merging records before you begin the merge process.

Still Lost? Astreca Can Help

As useful as the Bulk Merge app is, it’s important to have a data strategy before you dive in. Every business is unique, so it’s important to set your own rules for clean data. If you have messy data and aren’t sure where to begin, Astreca is here to walk you through the process.

App Features

  • Automates the merge process in Salesforce
  • Supports account, contact, lead, and even custom objects
  • Allows you to select the field criteria for duplicate data
  • Identifies potential issues with your data
  • Seamlessly merges duplicate records

How Does the Bulk Merge App Work?

Let’s go over a scenario where the Bulk Merge app would be useful. Imagine you have three records for IBM with similar addresses and slight variations in the company name:

  1. IBM Corp 1001 5th Ave New York City NY 10001 US
  2. IBM Corporation 1001 5th Avenue New York City NY 10001-1234 USA
  3. IBM Inc 1001 Fifth Ave NYC NY 10001 United States

Even though the addresses and company names do not exactly match, the Bulk Merge app can tell that these records are similar enough to be a candidate for merging.

Ready to Start Meeting Your Business Goals Ready to Start Meeting Your Business Goals

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