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Your Salesforce Ecosystem Partner

While it’s true that businesses face challenges every day, your CRM is supposed to prevent these challenges instead of adding to the pile. Some of these challenges may be easy to fix, but others require a mixture of experience and time you simply do not have. That’s where Astreca comes in: We partner with companies struggling to overcome challenges they’re experiencing with the Salesforce ecosystem.

With over 20 years of CRM experience, Astreca is the ideal Salesforce partner. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals is flexible, agile, and equipped with the necessary expertise to overcome any challenges you may be experiencing. Plus, we document everything and provide detailed processes to ensure your business is never in the dark.

We focus on three key areas, People, Process and Technology. Our solutions have the right balance of all the three aspects.

Here are just a few things you can expect from hiring Astreca as your Salesforce consultant:

  • Business analytics tracking for more informed decision-making
  • Data cleansing and optimization
  • Streamlined processes for B2B or B2C ecommerce
  • Improved customer journeys and increased customer satisfaction
Salesforce Consulting Services

Strategic Planning and Implementation

These days, customers often want personalized experiences. Our Salesforce consulting services include a planning and implementation process that ensures you’re meeting and even surpassing customer expectations. Astreca will set up, configure, customize, and automate processes that optimize the customer experience and will also offer guidelines and best practices for your employees.

Integration and Customization

Salesforce should integrate seamlessly with the rest of your existing software, but it’s all too common for organizations to experience friction in these instances. Our team will handle these integrations and offer customized solutions where necessary to eliminate friction points and time-consuming processes. The end result will be a CRM that is tailored to your needs and maximizes your profits.

Let Us Earn Your Trust

We’ll do it the only way we know how: by delivering results.

Astreca has earned the trust of many clients over the years, and we want the opportunity to do the same for your organization. Regardless of how complex or unique your project is, we are confident that we can deliver a successful solution. Along the way, our team will be completely transparent and document our process for your benefit.

This can-do attitude has allowed Astreca to build a proven track record not only with customers, but with Salesforce itself. At present time, Astreca is a Ridge Salesforce partner, but our sights are set even higher. Even as you read this, our team is working diligently to expand our knowledge and capabilities so we can bring customers along as we reach new heights.

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