CRM Case Studies

Lumber Search Report Case Study

Unveiling Insights: A Comprehensive Case Study on Lumber Search Reporting

Overview This is a case study on how we improved our user experience in regard to lumber searches. Astreca has excelled in developing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for five-plus years, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our systems and streamline the experience for our clients. One area where we found significant […]

Nonprofit Data Revolution

Empowering Impact: Nonprofit Data Revolution and the Art of Deduplication

Industry Non Profit Project Duration 9 Months Users 235 Products Used Nonprofit Success Pack Overview Our client is a forward-thinking nonprofit organization with substantial data management issues. Specifically, their duplicate records were creating difficulties with data collection, analysis, and reporting. They also struggled with overly complex business processes.  We collaborated with this org to address […]

Data Accuracy and Efficiency

Streamlining Data Accuracy and Efficiency through Country and State Pick Lists

Industry Media Technologies Salesforce Sales Cloud  Client Location US  Technical Solution Salesforce State Country Picklist Functionality and Excel Functions Industry Advertising & Marketing Project Duration 18 Months Users 250 Products Used Sales Cloud CPQ Plus Overview In the rapidly evolving landscape of data management, organizations often grapple with challenges related to data accuracy and consistency. […]

Bulk Merge for Contact Integrity

Bulk Merge for Contact Integrity: Identifying and Deleting Duplicate Contacts With Ease

Industry Non Profit Project Duration 6 Months Users 85 Products Used Sales Cloud Overview  An international nonprofit organization was struggling with the unwieldy number of contacts in its database. It specifically possessed 3,569,188 separate contacts. The initial analysis revealed that 33,742 of these entries were duplicate contacts.  The Organization’s Problem  This nonprofit needed a way […]

HubSpot migration to Salesforce

Transforming Sales Operations with HubSpot migration to Salesforce 

Industry Advertising & Marketing Project Duration 3 Months Users 250 Products Used Sales Cloud CPQ Plus Overview Of HubSpot Migration Services An expanding technology firm was struggling with isolation between its sales and marketing operations. Each team used a distinct type of data management software. The sales team managed their data through Salesforce, while the […]

Salesforce Data Migration and Consolidation

How We Merged Salesforce Orgs in Less Than 30 Days

Industry Advertising & Marketing Project Duration 1 Months Users 250 Products Used Sales Cloud CPQ Plus Overview The client is a US-based marketing company that recently obtained a business in the UK. Although both entities are in the same industry, they used different Salesforce systems designed for their respective countries to house their data. Per […]