CRM Case Studies

Data Accuracy and Efficiency

Streamlining Data Accuracy and Efficiency through Country and State Pick Lists

Industry Media Technologies Salesforce Sales Cloud  Client Location US  Technical Solution Salesforce State Country Picklist Functionality and Excel Functions Overview In the rapidly evolving landscape of data management, organizations often grapple with challenges related to data accuracy and consistency. This case study explores how a company successfully implemented a functionality involving Country and State pick […]

Bulk Merge for Contact Integrity

Bulk Merge for Contact Integrity: Identifying and Deleting Duplicate Contacts With Ease

Overview  An international nonprofit organization was struggling with the unwieldy number of contacts in its database. It specifically possessed 3,569,188 separate contacts. The initial analysis revealed that 33,742 of these entries were duplicate contacts.  The Organization’s Problem  This nonprofit needed a way to efficiently delete its duplicate contact data. The goal was to streamline the […]

HubSpot migration to Salesforce

Transforming Sales Operations with HubSpot migration to Salesforce 

Overview Of HubSpot Migration Services An expanding technology firm was struggling with isolation between its sales and marketing operations. Each team used a distinct type of data management software. The sales team managed their data through Salesforce, while the marketing team relied on HubSpot to handle customer data.   The Firm’s Problem   Reliance on two different […]

Salesforce Data Migration and Consolidation

How We Merged Salesforce Orgs in Less Than 30 Days

Overview The client is a US-based marketing company that recently obtained a business in the UK. Although both entities are in the same industry, they used different Salesforce systems designed for their respective countries to house their data. Per the merger agreement, the client had a deadline of 30 days to complete the Salesforce org […]

Salesforce CRM Analytics

How Salesforce CRM Analytics helped track team performance

Overview A sales outsourcing company had limited or no visibility into its agent performance. The Sales reps were involved in high-volume prospect interaction and different goals for each customer account. After the implementation of Salesforce CRM Analytics, the customer could analyze each customer account’s health and each team’s performance and provide sales coaching based on […]

Efficiency in Pharma Sales with Salesforce Integration

Enhancing Data Quality and Operational Efficiency in Pharma Sales with Salesforce Integration

Overview In the highly dynamic pharmaceutical sales landscape, there is an intense demand for abundant and pristine data. Effective data management and interpretation are especially crucial for sales teams, as it allows them to better connect with healthcare providers and build lasting partnerships. A major pharmaceutical company seeking to bolster its sales operations transformed processes […]


Case Study – Non-Profit

Salesforce Nonprofit Pain Point Solutions Data Quality issues, bad address data impacting patients/families’ outreach. Implemented a custom solution to clean up US and Canadian addresses using zip codes to improve data quality. Org had a lot of duplicate household data that was impacting overall campaign outreach. Developed a custom solution with combination of real example […]

computer software

Case Study – Computer Software

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pain Point Solutions Customer struggled with low user adoption, poor data quality which resulted in ability to forecast. Developed a strategy through user interviews to improve user adoption. simplified overall processes. No Single source of Truth; data spread across different sources, duplicate data. Implemented data strategy to make Salesforce Single Source of […]