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As with most technology platforms, Salesforce is ever-evolving. Proactively maintaining and servicing your platform is critical to ensuring maximum return on your investment. Neglecting this can lead to compromized user experience, lack of supported operations, and outdated process flows.


Digital Education

An organization in the digital education industry struggled with Salesforce user adoption and contemplated if Salesforce was the right CRM for them. Instead of leveraging all that the Salesforce CRM platform has to offer, the organization was only using Salesforce as a tracking system. They handled renewals and renewal notifications manually. There was no escalation mechanism for cases for the support team. Making matters worse, the executive management team were spending about ten days developing forecasts in excel spreadsheets while consolidating Salesforce and their sales team’s data.

After an assessment, we identified the critical factors that were impacting user adoption and simplified their processes and analyzed their data, scrubbing for flawed and incomplete information. The results yielded an increase in Salesforce adoption from 220 users to 534 users. Organizational data was cleaned and Salesforce became the single source of truth for Accounts and Products and pricing and overall company productivity was boosted.