Boosting Engagement and Automation: A Case Study of HubSpot and RealPage’s Email Automation Success

One of our clients is a property investment company located in Dallas, Texas. The company was running into hurdles with data migration with its tech solutions and needed help establishing a better system.

The team needed to migrate its data from HubSpot over to Salesforce. The issue was that the organization was using both HubSpot and RealPage, which posed integration challenges for the company and its workflows. RealPage didn’t support the integration the business needed, so their team decided to move to Salesforce

Other goals and challenges included:

  • The organization wanted to ensure the transition was seamless from start to finish.
  • It was of the utmost importance that all of its data and features were replicated. 
  • The organization needed help with data complexity: When it tried its initial migration, data accuracy and completeness continued to be issues. 
  • Fields weren’t populating the data correctly, so there were even more complexities and inaccuracies to deal with.
  • Because RealPage also lacked application programming interfaces (APIs) and integration capabilities, it was that much harder to synchronize the data.

The company knew it needed a better solution to improve its processes and the business as a whole. The team couldn’t risk data errors and incompleteness when making the change. 

So the organization turned to Astreca. Find out how the client got positive results with the right tech solutions in place. 

Data and Integration Solutions Provided by Astreca

Astreca provides consulting and managed services to help clients who need something better, just like this property investment company did. In this case, Astreca stepped in and helped the organization with its full data migration, ensuring it could achieve a seamless transition with accurate data transfers. 

Data migration and integration were the two key areas of focus. The following solutions from Astreca made all the difference for the client: 

  • Migrating the data effectively: The data migration process needed to be perfect. Three key components allowed Astreca to facilitate a successful data migration:
    • Data cleansing: Astreca performed a thorough analysis of the client’s HubSpot data, identified inaccuracies and incomplete records, and resolved these issues as part of an improved data management process. 
    • Custom mapping: Next was creating custom scripts that mapped the HubSpot data into the Salesforce fields, ensuring all of the information being transferred remained accurate and complete.
    • Manual intervention: This last step of the migration required filtering out all of the data that was unneeded or irrelevant and updating the records so they matched the HubSpot data. This manual intervention was key to ensuring success.
  • Addressing the integration challenges: RealPage just didn’t have the integration features the organization needed. Astreca implemented alternative methods for integration to deal with these gaps:
    • New email services from Astreca enabled the client to receive CSV file attachments with RealPage updates that could then be transferred into Salesforce. These email services were a huge improvement for the team.
    • Astreca ensured that the data stayed consistent in implementation by overriding the standard “New” button functionality within Salesforce and adding custom forms to create records. 

Astreca helped set this client up to successfully launch more effective tech tools. The process was much more streamlined and efficient, and the company could rest assured that its data was being transferred properly — accurate, complete, and up to date.

How Astreca Improves the Data Migration Process

The goal of this project was to ensure that the data migration process was seamless. Despite the challenges this organization faced in its initial transfer attempts, Astreca was able to get the job done through:

  • Creative, customized solutions: The right solutions were needed to address the toughest challenges this company was facing, including effective email services that facilitate data synchronization. It’s always important for such solutions to be tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Business process improvements: Alongside new email templates, Astreca helped enhance the company’s client engagement and campaign management with better overall workflows. 
  • The right transition tech: With customized forms, better functionality, and solutions that were tailored to the client’s requirements, the Salesforce migration was smooth and successful.

With the help of Astreca, the client could move on to its next project. Their situation is the perfect example of how transitioning to new tech tools can be overwhelming. This is especially true when systems don’t integrate or the data doesn’t copy over properly. Ensuring processes such as these are seamless helps businesses stay productive and profitable. 

Astreca is a consultancy and management firm that helps clients maximize their use of Salesforce and HubSpot. Supporting businesses small and large, Astreca ensures systems are easy to implement, fully functional, and aligned with the business’s budget and goals. 

Whether clients are looking for Salesforce data cleansing, HubSpot integration, bulk merge, managed services, or consulting, Astreca can help. Contact Astreca today to find out more about services that support data migration, customized implementation, or other managed services for organizations of any size.

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