Transforming Sales Efficiency: A Custom CPQ Implementation Success Story

Astreca continues to help businesses improve the way they deliver services. One client recently worked with Astreca to improve their product search and sales cycle. They formerly didn’t have a customized product search functionality, and they knew this was holding them back. 

Users had poor search functionality, and products weren’t being properly linked to opportunities. These issues caused a lot of time waste, and productivity suffered. 

Key challenges for this organization included the following: 

  • A broken sales cycle, disrupted because of the many different products and opportunities progression
  • Inefficiencies in the entire sales process
  • The complexity of their sales cycle with multiple products
  • There was no relationship between the products, hindering integration
  • It was a challenge to display a product bundle on a quote
  • Product search functionality was suboptimal and struggling
  • Product searching and adding products to opportunities was time-consuming
  • Productivity continued to decrease

The team needed a better solution to optimize their sales cycle. They knew they needed to add a custom product search. They just didn’t have the tools to get it done. 

Astreca provided the right solution to help the company improve their process and reach their goals. Find out how they assessed the situation and delivered the right solutions for the organization to succeed.

Astreca Solutions for Sales Cycle Optimization

Astreca approached the problem bringing the team’s tech expertise and guidance to the table. The team was able to maintain product type and create Visualforce pages to generate documentation, create a customized product search, and improve staging opportunities, ultimately helping the client increase efficiency and productivity.

Astreca’s comprehensive solution included these key components:

  • Custom product search: 
    • Upgrading the tech stackThis included a complete tech stack with leveraged lightning web components (LWCs), GraphQL, and UI API. These components were missing from the business’s prior processes and technology tools.
    • Making the search interface more functional: The team implemented improved functionality with a customized product search interface that brings in UI with SLDS styling to mimic Salesforce.
    • Optimizing and quickening search: Next was achieving optimization through faster, more efficient search so products are easily found and added to opportunities
    • Ensuring validation: The validation process was improved to ensure accuracy and that products meet all necessary specifications.
  • Quote generation:
  • Implementing better PDF generation: LWC has limited PDF generation support, so Visualforce was implemented for documentation generation. This solution has proven to be more efficient when working with PDFs.
  • Visualforce also provides customized markup options for PDFs that use controllers for specific needs.
  • Staging opportunities:
  • Improving opportunity staging: Astreca implemented Salesforce Flows for opportunity staging.
  • Cross-checking for speed and simplicity: The whole process was simpler and more straightforward when requirements could be properly cross-checked.

Streamlining, quickening, and simplifying processes was key to helping this client achieve their goals. Astreca provides expert services in each of these areas so every phase is properly addressed.

This specific set of tech solutions was customized to the client to help them meet their stated objectives. The Astreca team learned their specific pain points so the solution could be truly comprehensive moving forward. 

Improvements Gained with Astreca

After these solutions were fully implemented, the business saw significant changes. These are the benefits and highlights:

  • Sales cycle optimization: The sales cycle was much more efficient and functional by harnessing automation and streamlining time-consuming tasks. Instead of getting hung up, opportunities easily progressed through each stage. The client reported a much-improved sales process from start to finish.
  • More seamless integration: Both quotes and opportunities could function seamlessly to ensure the user’s product results matched specifications. One big cause of the improvement was starting to rely on automation with documents, instead of doing everything manually as they did before.
  • More adoption from users: When internal processes and the entire sale cycle can be optimized, there’s much more user adoption. Now, users can generate email documents, including PDFs, through Salesforce quickly and effectively. These improvements greatly increased productivity for the team.

Improvements like these are exactly why the Astreca team does what it does. Through managed services and consulting, the team gets to know exactly where processes are getting snagged and the biggest pain points clients are dealing with. Then, Astreca can deliver the specific set of solutions to address challenges and put systems in place for continuous improvement.

Through Salesforce or HubSpot implementation services, Salesforce managed services, integrating a bulk merge app, account merges, and more, Astreca assists businesses of all sizes with the right solutions and services. The team of experts can help with Salesforce data cleansing and can explain how to merge accounts in Salesforce. Astreca also takes the guesswork out of management software systems, ensuring the right tools are accessible to all.

Get in touch with Astreca today to talk to a Salesforce partner about implementing a better system for a better business.

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