Unveiling Insights: A Comprehensive Case Study on Lumber Search Reporting


This is a case study on how we improved our user experience in regard to lumber searches.

Astreca has excelled in developing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for five-plus years, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our systems and streamline the experience for our clients.

One area where we found significant room for improvement was the lumber search process. We were aware of the lengthy, complicated process that clients had to endure while searching for products that fit their needs. Challenges users faced included slow quote creation, inaccurate search results, and scattered or missing product information.

Thus, we began development on a comprehensive lumber search system for our guest user portal. This system aimed to centralize all product data into a single, easily accessible location — the lumber search report.

We began this task with four main objectives:

  • Enable users to find products effortlessly. We wanted users to have the same fluid experience our other customers enjoy.
  • Facilitate quick quote creation. In order to properly empower our users, it was important to provide accurate quotes in minimal time.
  • Provide instant access to detailed product information. Users should have access to all relevant data to make informed decisions.
  • Automate email dispatch upon successful quote creation. Quick communication was necessary for our clients’ peace of mind.

Technical Challenges

Creating a lumber search report from scratch presented a few technical hurdles. Five, in particular, stood out.

1. Categorizing Data by Plant Name 

One challenge was the need to categorize data based on the names of the plants. The type of plant used is vital in the lumber industry. Therefore, meticulous planning and execution were required to properly organize this data.

2. Seamless Quote Creation Process 

One of our goals was enabling users to create quotes with a single click. This demanded the development of a seamless process, involving quick navigation to product detail pages.

3. Integrating Guest User Entitlement Policy Data 

Another objective was to incorporate guest user entitlement policy data into our guest user portal. This posed complex technical challenges, necessitating innovative solutions.

4. Pricing Integration From ‘Inventory_Hold_Back__c’ Object 

Ensuring accurate product pricing was a top priority. To achieve this, we implemented a system to extract and display prices from the “Inventory_Hold_Back__c” object.

5. Filter Criteria Persistence 

We discovered and addressed an issue in which filter criteria were cleared when users moved between product detail and filter pages. Resolving this issue removed a frustrating limitation and enhanced the user experience.

Development and Execution 

Leveraging Lightning Web Components

We executed our solution by implementing Lightning Web Components (LWC). This UI framework allows users to display products based on their filter criteria. Additionally, we implemented a user-friendly button for displaying related products. These modifications optimized the user experience by removing clutter from searches and directing users to the most relevant products. 

Business Challenges

Transition From Standard Functionality 

Previously, we relied on standard functionality for filtering and searching for products on our guest user portal. However, this approach had limitations, including inaccurate search results. Consequently, we undertook the task of developing custom logic to address these challenges.


Revolutionizing the User Experience 

Our mission to create a custom lumber search system was successful, and it’s improved our portal in every way we had hoped for. For example: 

  • Finding the right products is now much easier for users. With a single click, they can effortlessly search for products based on their specific criteria. 
  • The streamlined interface facilitates quick creation of accurate quotes. Users know right away how much products will cost.
  • Product names, plant names, and quantities are conveniently displayed in one location. This ensures that users have quick access to relevant information.
  • Users are relieved from manually inputting product information as our system auto-populates essential product details and quotes. Users need to provide only their personal information and specify their desired product quantity. 
  • Users now have direct access to quote-related information on the mailing list. This further enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient.

Our implementation of the lumber search portal has greatly improved the guest user experience, and we’re very satisfied with the results.

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