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Consulting Services

How Salesforce Consulting Services Can Improve Your Platform Performance

Salesforce is a top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps businesses manage records containing customer interactions and sales information. When optimally configured, the Salesforce platform is a well-equipped custom application that can handle contacts, leads, cases, and opportunities. Salesforce includes a wide range of unique features designed to automate marketing and sales activities, including […]

6 Salesforce Security Best Practices

6 Salesforce Security Best Practices

The data that you store in your CRM is the life force of your business. You and your team have worked diligently to gather, organize, and clean the information you rely on to make decisions, analyze insights, and generate reports. Given the sensitive nature of some of this intel, keeping it secure is a critical […]

Effective Data Cleansing Techniques

Effective Data Cleansing Techniques

The health of your database has a direct impact on your company’s success. High-quality data drives progress by improving marketing activities, increasing lead conversion, strengthening customer relationships, and enriching stakeholder reporting. On the other hand, insufficient data makes it impossible for any business to function effectively. Quality issues such as missing values, duplicate records, incorrect contact […]

CRM Implementation:

CRM Implementation: What It Should Look Like for Businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides centralized solutions to businesses that recognize the benefits of going digital. CRMs can help companies enhance customer interactions, optimize internal processes, boost team collaboration, and increase revenue.  While many leaders can see the value of transitioning from their current data management system to a CRM platform, they can quickly […]

Reliability Testing

What Is Reliability Testing and Why Does It Matter for Your CRM?

Customer relationship management is at the heart of most successful modern businesses. But your chosen CRM software is only as helpful as the data that it provides. Since these systems evolve at a constant rate, they require reliability testing to ensure consistent, high-quality outputs. New users may find themselves asking — what is reliability testing? This […]

Salesforce Omni-Channel

Salesforce Omni-Channel: Uses, Advantages, and How To Set It Up

Implementing a robust and efficient customer service strategy should be a paramount goal for any business. Effective customer service promotes consumer loyalty and employee confidence, and results in consistent communications and a reputable brand.  One of the hallmarks of an excellent customer service program is the company’s ability to provide streamlined, responsive support through multiple […]

Integrate Jira With Salesforce Successfully

How To Integrate Jira With Salesforce Successfully

Jira, a robust software designed for project management and issue tracking, is popular with the engineering team and businesses that utilize agile methodologies. Salesforce, a CRM platform designed to fortify the efforts of sales and marketing departments, can help improve the customer experience. Integrating the two can help your company get the best of both.  […]

4 Tips for Better Salesforce Contract Lifecycle Management

4 Tips for Better Salesforce Contract Lifecycle Management

What Is Contract Lifecycle Management? How a company presents a contract to a customer says a lot about how it conducts business. A poorly organized contract delivered past the agreement date with outdated terms or conditions feels unprofessional and rushed. Consumers might think the company lacks experience, encouraging them to look elsewhere for goods or […]

Salesforce Data Migration

6 Common Challenges in Salesforce Data Migration

Accurate data is critical to the success of any business. Companies depend on the integrity of their data to meet their goals in sales, marketing, outreach, expansion, and product rollouts. However, how a company stores its data is just important as the data itself. More and more companies are recognizing the advantages of centralizing their […]

How To Ensure a Seamless Hubspot Salesforce Integration

How To Ensure a Seamless Hubspot Salesforce Integration

Integrate HubSpot and Salesforce in 4 Steps As two of the most robust CRM platforms on the market, HubSpot and Salesforce might seem to be unlikely partners. However, as integration between the two systems has become possible, businesses everywhere are reaping the benefits. The advantages of a HubSpot Salesforce integration include the following: These two […]