Enhancing Data Quality and Operational Efficiency in Pharma Sales with Salesforce Integration


In the highly dynamic pharmaceutical sales landscape, there is an intense demand for abundant and pristine data. Effective data management and interpretation are especially crucial for sales teams, as it allows them to better connect with healthcare providers and build lasting partnerships.

A major pharmaceutical company seeking to bolster its sales operations transformed processes with the help of Astreca. Facing several challenges, unique solutions tailored to the client led to outstanding results thanks to careful data management that optimized sales and operations.

The Challenges

The pharma company had three primary pain points to address — each of which required a creative solution to help operations run more smoothly.

Duplicate Account Management

Duplicate account entries plagued the client’sSalesforce database. These records created significant data redundancy and organizational inefficiencies.

Precision is paramount in the pharmaceutical sector. Duplicate data can cause:

  • Skewed analytics
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Regulatory compliance risk
  • Damaged customer interactions
  • Jeopardized key account management strategies

Duplicate accounts can also cause massive oversights. This negligence can cause healthcare providers to receive conflicting information from the company, damaging relationships and credibility.

Another critical issue is the waste of precious sales representatives’ time — instead of forging new leads, they must instead navigate convoluted data structures.

All of these issues compiled to affect many systems and departments.

External Data Integration

Another critical issue is the waste of sales representatives’ precious time. Instead of forging new leads, they instead had to navigate convoluted data structures.

Managing data flowing in from various external sources is incredibly complex. Businesses must ensure this information aligns with the existing database. This process is ongoing and requires meticulous matching and updating procedures.

Inaccurate or inconsistent data is common when integrating data from diverse sources. Managing this without a detailed, consistent strategy can be catastrophic for pharma sales.

Pharmaceutical sales reps rely on comprehensive customer data to tailor their sales pitches. Without streamlined integration processes, the sales team would work off stale information. In the fast-paced pharmaceutical environment, this approach is akin to operating with one’s hands tied.

Ongoing Salesforce and Pardot Support

Salesforce and Pardot, like all software platforms, evolve continuously. The customer needed ongoing support due to their complex Salesforce setup. Combined with the dynamic nature of the pharma industry, the client needed ongoing support with this software.

Without consistent support, the client risked not keeping pace with new features and tools. Not staying current could lead to a diminished return on their Salesforce investment.

The customer’s sales team was also never able to fully leverage the platforms and would miss vital automation opportunities essential for maintaining relationships with healthcare providers. They also could not adapt their sales processes accurately in response to marketplace shifts and new industry regulations.

The Solutions

Astreca designed a comprehensive, tailored solution with multiple goals to solve the various challenges the client faced.

Duplicate Data Identification and Merging

Astreca implemented a solution that searched the Salesforce database for duplicate data and merged or removed redundant entries. This proactive approach ensured the client’sSalesforce data was accurate and up-to-date.

Duplicate data problems are not one-time occurrences but ongoing concerns. Managing this issue requires an initial cleanup and a continuous commitment to maintaining clean data, and duplicates can multiply rapidly within a database.

Astreca designed this implemented solution to be scalable and adapt to the client’s business’s growing needs.

Custom Data Matching Solution

To enhance data accuracy, Astreca developed a custom, reusable solution for the client. We focused on creating a solution to harmonize new data with existing Salesforce records. This innovative technique maintains data uniformity across the board, and the client’s Salesforce database remains a single source of truth for all sales-related intel.

Maintaining consistency in data across different systems and sources is a formidable challenge. However, it is critical in the pharmaceutical sales environment. Sales representatives need accurate data for effective sales strategies that can make or break a deal — and that’s exactly what Astreca helped provide.

On-Demand Administrative Support

To address the client’s need for ongoing support, Astreca provided flexible, on-demand administrative services. These services ranged from resolving immediate technical issues to guiding the client through complex feature integrations.

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, downtime is not an option. Access to immediate support is non-negotiable, as the sales team needs to be operational at all times. The on-demand nature of Astreca’s support services empowered the customer, and they were able to quickly overcome obstacles without sacrificing sales productivity.

Customer Impact

After Astreca’s careful implementation, the client resolved their issues and reached new heights of success.

Improved Data Accuracy

The new implemented systems and processes dramatically improved the clients’ data accuracy. They were able to make accurate data-driven decisions and engage with customers more productively.

Enhanced data accuracy gives reps a better understanding of consumer needs, preferences, and patterns. This vital data leads to more targeted and practical engagement. Robust data accuracy also ensures compliance with stringent industry regulations, protecting the company from potential legal ramifications.

Streamlined Operations

The automation of data management tasks significantly streamlined operations. In a business environment where efficiency and speed are essential, this was a complete game-changer.

Sales teams were no longer bogged down by manual data updates, allowing them to focus their efforts on what they do best — selling.

Beyond the immediate sales functions, streamlined operations facilitated better internal collaboration and resource allocation. This advantage guaranteed that all departments worked with the same data quality and toward a common goal.

Enhanced Platform Utilization

The client’s sales teams will fully use Salesforce and Pardot and receive ongoing support and training. This comprehensive utilization means the client gains the maximum benefits from their investment in these platforms.

Salesforce and Pardot offer a broad suite of tools that can transform pharmaceutical sales. Ensuring that the sales team is proficient in these tools has wide-reaching benefits. Prime examples include improved lead conversion rates and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Data management is critical to pharmaceutical sales efficiency.
  • Customized solutions yield far more value than off-the-shelf products.
  • Continuous support is essential to the ongoing success of any sales operation.

About Astreca Consulting

Astreca Consulting recognizes each client’s singular needs. We specialize in crafting tailored Salesforce integrations, ensuring that our clients’ sales operations are proficient and agile in the face of industry changes.

Get in touch with Astreca Consulting to begin your own success story in sales efficiency. Our team is eager to understand your unique challenges and facilitate your rise to the top of your industry.

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