Benefits of a Salesforce Agile Transformation

Benefits of a Salesforce Agile Transformation

In 2006, Salesforce adopted the use of agile processes in the development of business software systems. 

The result? Using an iterative, scrum-based approach, Salesforce has changed the way it builds and adapts systems. Today, the company has $21.25 billion in annual revenue and 150,000 customers. 

Companies should consider using Salesforce’s approach to agile transformation in their own use of Salesforce managed services. Doing so allows businesses to identify issues faster, save money and use transparent approaches to systems development. 

Using the Agile Methodology in Salesforce 

The agile approach replaces the outdated, top-down method of software development. The agile methodology emphasizes flexibility over rigidity. It’s an incremental approach that builds on each previous component. 

The agile methodology focuses on communication, team-based approaches and a rigorous commitment to timing, budget and testing. 

Agile Project Management  

Agile project management uses small, incremental builds called scrums. 

Scrum is a project management framework that emphasizes short work cycles in small teams that focuses on iteration and learning. It also values getting and using feedback to shape the next incremental build. 

Each scrum lasts about three weeks and is also known as a sprint, with cross-functional teams working in parallel on various aspects of the project. Team members may be focused on coding, design, requirements analysis, planning or testing. At the end of each scrum, the team comes together with a demo of a product for the customer or stakeholder to sign off on. 

Flexibility and issue identification are two hallmarks of agile development. Agile gives the team the freedom to make necessary changes. At the end of each sprint, the team assesses where the project is and what direction it’s taking. The team adapts according to where the project is. 

This approach is different from those of other project management methodologies. Often, a project manager is bound by what an approved design document says. 

These specs are developed before the actual work begins. That means there can be great variability by what is believed to be the best course and what that ideal path turns out to be. 

Sprint, by contrast, allows for feedback and adaptability throughout the build process. That approach results in better products. 

In addition, agile project management helps identify and resolve potential issues early in the process. By testing and integrating products iteratively, issues are found sooner and can be addressed. 

Agile Development 

Agile software development requires each sprint to have a fixed duration and scope. These guardrails provide better definition and tracking of costs and ensuring a clearer handle on timelines and delivery. It also helps clients determine what costs they want to incur and prioritize what features they want developed. 

Communication is critically important in agile development. Regular updates with the client help manage expectations and provide transparency throughout the process. 

What is Salesforce Agile Accelerator? 

Salesforce Agile Accelerator is an application that helps you manage your own agile product development process. It’s available via AppExchange and is a single application to coordinate your project management processes. It allows the entire team to track stories, bugs, reports and processes, all from within the organization. 

Agile Accelerator helps foster collaboration among cross-functional teams by sharing updates and work to be done, all without leaving the Salesforce platform. It makes it easy to integrate backlogs using standard Salesforce terms and objects, such as accounts and cases. It allows for the tracking of process and sprints across desktop and mobile devices. 

With Salesforce managed services, your organization can outsource various functions, freeing up your internal teams to complete mission-critical tasks. In Salesforce, managed services help with the migration of data into and from Salesforce or between Salesforce and another system. Managed services also help with the implementation of a new Salesforce installation and ensure all business systems are integrated for optimal performance. 

When using Salesforce managed services, the agile approach to project management is ideal. It’s a proactive approach that will allow your teams to leverage Salesforce’s capabilities to the fullest. 

Using Agile Accelerator to manage your sprints allows you to work within the Salesforce platform to operationalize your projects. 

Are You Ready for a Salesforce Agile Transformation? 

If you think your organization should choose an agile approach to managed services but aren’t sure where to start, Astreca can help. Our dedicated team will work with you through the entire implementation process, ensuring you can take advantage of the better business systems and integrated technologies the agile approach affords. Contact us today to get started. 

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