What is Salesforce Educational Cloud & How Does it Create a Better Student Experience?

Salesforce Education Cloud

Learning institutions are comprised of various departments, all of which require the same data to accomplish different missions. So why have a different IT solution for each department? Often, educational institutions build their database management systems from the ground up or use cookie cutter software platforms that are not customized to meet all of their needs. 

The Salesforce Education Cloud provides a foundation to keep constituents’ data accessible throughout an organization while maintaining the highest level of security for need-to-know protection. Everything from admissions and recruitment, the student experience, advancement, and operations can be linked and tracked in a cohesive framework to drive learner and institution success.  

Private schools and higher education need a customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide a 360-degree view of their students’ experiences, from candidate to alumni. 

Salesforce Educational Cloud for School Management 

From kindergarten through college, Salesforce Education Cloud ensures schools can easily manage student information while gathering other key data to support funding, promote community involvement, and even track the effectiveness of recruitment efforts. 

By compiling every data point into a cohesive dashboard, schools are able to track trends in student experience and make informed decisions to enhance the lifecycle of their constituents. It provides insight into every facet of the school’s relationships with those they serve. 

Further, Salesforce Education Cloud is known to improve productivity by 80%, freeing your staff to focus on the student connection instead of entering and interpreting data. Enrollment for institutions who adopt this CRM increases an average of 11% with a 40% increase in individual student engagement.  

Salesforce Education Cloud Pricing 

With an average ROI of 195% (with a 7-month payback period), the implementation of Salesforce Education Cloud pays for itself. For nonprofit organizations, Salesforce believes in “free or discount CRM technology for those who change the world” through their Power of Us program. This also includes 10 free Lightning CRM Enterprise Edition Licenses for Sales and Service Cloud. 

Astreca, as a trusted Salesforce advisor, can help your institution implement the Salesforce Education Cloud to begin automating some of your most tedious processes, such as financial aid tracking, stakeholder management, marketing, and enrollment. This implementation has the potential to generate nearly $2.4M in total legacy cost savings

Education Data Architecture (EDA) for Salesforce

EDA is a managed CRM package that is free and open source. It is a community-driven solution that provides a pre-configured set of objects and automation in Salesforce tailored to the needs of the education industry. 

Education Data Architecture differs from the standard Salesforce model. Instead of maintaining an organizational-centered structure, EDA revolves around the contact, which is the student. Focusing on students at an individual level ensures institutions can deliver better experiences and even utilize personalization to drive growth.  

Education admins are no longer required to create workflows and process maps by hand. Standard Salesforce objects like accounts and contacts, with the added features of relationships and affiliations, maintain paths of various connections to the student. Your initial building of the platform is cut in half, and you no longer need to rely on heavy IT support.  

Getting Started with Salesforce B2B Commerce 

If you’re interested in getting started with Salesforce B2B Commerce, you can do so on the Salesforce website. This is a powerful, intuitive platform, but it takes some time, energy, and expertise to get it up and running. If you’re unfamiliar with ecommerce portals like Salesforce B2B Commerce, it’s best to find a Salesforce implementation partner like Astreca to handle the setup process for you. 

Astreca offers a variety of custom Salesforce implementation services that fit your needs and budget. Not to mention, we have an in-house, Salesforce-certified B2B Solution Architect to handle this project for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how Salesforce B2B Commerce can help you grow your company’s revenue.  

Features of Educational Data Architecture

EDA comes with a suite of features that are specifically designed to benefit your students:

  1. Recruiting and Admissions Integrations
    • Applicant Portals
    • Admissions and Enrollment
    • Student Recruiting
    • Marketing and Communications
  2. Student Experience Integrations
    • One-Stop Student Services
    • Salesforce Advisor Link
    • Career Services
    • Student Engagement
  3. Advancement Integrations
    • Gift Processing
    • Fundraising
    • Alumni Engagement
    • Advancement Operations

Salesforce Integrates with Student Information System

Salesforce supports various integration options to integrate with Student Information System (SIS) – Banner so that institutions can pull other data points like grade information and HR information that reside outside Salesforce.

Getting Started with Salesforce Education Cloud

The Power of Us Hub offers a free 30-day trial of the Salesforce Education Cloud. If you’re interested in getting started, their website has many helpful resources.

Astreca is dedicated to creating a cohesive and comprehensive Salesforce Education Platform for your institution, saving you time and money in the process. As a Salesforce implementation partner, Astreca can help you navigate the transition from your current processes to a solution that provides you with a 360-degree view of your constituents’ experiences with our in-house, Salesforce-certified Education Cloud Consultant to handle this project for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how Salesforce Education Cloud can help you grow your institution’s constituent experience.

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