Why is Data Quality so important for your business?

Data Quality so important for your business

When it comes to sales and marketing, there’s nothing as important to a business as its data quality. Data is what leads sales teams to prospects, helps teams score their prospects, and helps teams track key metrics and engagement. But in a world inundated with data, it can be difficult to assure data quality. Let’s take a look at what you need to make sure that your data quality remains high.

The Importance of Data Quality Management

Over time, you see your sales metrics drifting downward. While you’re collecting new accounts and contacts, it’s not leading to new opportunities, cases, or orders. What’s happening?

As you dig a little deeper, you find that your sales team is frustrated. After a significant bulk merge in Salesforce, they’ve discovered the following:

  • A significant number of prospects have been duplicated. Sales professionals are connecting with prospects only to find that they’ve already been contacted. They’re losing prospects because they’re frustrated by multiple calls. They’re wasting time on prospects that have already been secured.
  • Mailing address and account information are incorrect. Data has been merged from various sources, and not all of this data has been validated. When they go to reach out to a prospect, the contact information is wrong. If the calling information is correct, and they send a mailer, they discover the mailer has gone to an incorrect address.
  • They’re spending a large amount of time correcting these issues. Eventually, sales teams will have to take it upon themselves to start going through and validating data. This level of validation cuts down on the amount of time they can spend curating their leads and prospecting; it’s ultimately a waste of time and money.

These are common issues that can follow the collection of business data. While it’s important to source data from as many venues as possible, not all of this data will be validated or controlled. Moreover, it can include a large amount of duplicate data that ultimately duplicate the efforts of your sales force.

Once data has been properly validated and vetted, however, the issues will resolve. Your team will spend more time connecting with legitimate, qualified leads, and less time trying to track down and correct basic contact information. You’ll be able to rest assured that you’re properly scoring your leads and that you’re securing all the leads possible.

Bulk Merge App Available on the Salesforce App Exchange

Astreca Consulting’s Bulk Merge App, available on the Salesforce App Exchange, is a bulk merge CRM application that can vastly improve overall data quality. An automated solution, the Bulk Merge App will identify duplicate data and clean up address data — so sales teams don’t waste their time chasing down prospects that don’t exist.

Are you ready to get started? Check out the Bulk Merge App today to see what better data can do for you.

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