Why is sales automation important for your business?

Sales Automation

Automation allows salespeople to focus on what they’re better at — sales. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, sales automation can become more advanced, too. So let’s take a look at how sales automation can improve efficiency and boost revenue.

Automation provides a better, more consistent process.

One of the major benefits of automation is that the process is more consistent. For example, you can control exactly how leads are scored and how often they are contacted across the buyer journey. At the same time, the metrics that are collected will all be enforced and protected across the sales platform — such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

Sales professionals can focus on sales — rather than administrative tasks.

It takes a lot to switch gears. Rather than focusing on sales and administrative tasks, sales professionals can instead focus on their sales. They won’t need to tear themselves away from clients, and they won’t need to waste their time scoring clients or writing reports and analytics. Instead, they’ll be able to focus primarily on working with clients and providing a face-to-face connection.

Leads can be scored and qualified through automated processes.

Automated processes are often better at scoring and qualifying leads. An automated process driven through AI can identify far more lead factors than an individual would be able to. While a sales professional might look at the “whole picture,” an automated process can look at hundreds of metrics that indicate whether an individual is prepared to commit. From there, high-value targets can be picked for one-on-one communications.

Post-sales touch points can be handled on an automated basis.

Quite a few sales tasks can be automated, making it possible for sales professionals to focus on the most critical aspects of completing a sale. For example, emails can be carefully crafted and sent on an automated basis to drive customers further down the customer journey. In addition, it’s estimated that about a third of all sales taxes and client onboarding can be completed on an automated basis.

Get detailed analytics.

Once sales are handled more consistently, and more metrics are tracked, better analytics can be derived. Salesforce and HubSpot both provide complete analytics services that will tell your organization exactly what needs to improve to get better results — stretching the advertising dollar and ensuring that sales professionals are making the best use of their time.

Businesses across practically all industries are now investing in process automation — which means all organizations need to invest if they will remain profitable and competitive. But that doesn’t mean automating processes from scratch is a simple process. Many sales teams will need experts to help them. Astreca Consulting can help organizations develop their sales process automation — and improve their sales departments.

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