6 Advantages of Salesforce Advanced Approvals

Salesforce Advanced Approvals

Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote) offers an exceptional tool that automates approval procedures known as Advanced Approvals (AA). AA is designed to cater to businesses with complex approval steps and multi-tiered hierarchical structures, enabling them to manage their approval flows more efficiently.

Working with a consulting firm like Astreca to integrate Advanced Approvals into the leading CPQ solution allows for dependable and well-organized approval processes. This is crucial for companies looking to optimize their operations and enhance their overall performance. 

What are Salesforce Advanced Approvals?

Fundamentally, Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals simplifies and automates approval protocols for businesses. It allows users to create customized approval strategies to meet their specific needs, making request approvals easier and faster. This feature reduces the manual effort required for approving requests, saving valuable time and resources. Furthermore, it ensures streamlined accuracy by automatically directing requests to the appropriate individuals, ensuring you obtain the correct approvals, and providing detailed audit trails for review.

The Advantages of Salesforce Advanced Approvals

When an organization implements Advanced Approvals, staff members from different departments can enjoy various benefits. 

Sales teams can use AA to expedite the approval process by sending records to the appropriate personnel quickly, allowing them to return to work faster. AA also gives finance teams control over price quotes through automatic workflows triggered when quotes exceed a predetermined price threshold. Additionally, legal teams can benefit from preset approval rules, which help them understand the terms they consent to when they approve proposals. 

AA is a helpful tool for upper-level management as it filters requests through lower-tiered approvers first. This reduces interruptions, saves time and resources, and enables them to focus on more critical tasks. Additionally, AA ensures that requests are evaluated effectively and decisions are made on time. 

1. Approval Process Automation

By automating the approval process, Salesforce Approvals eliminates the convoluted practice of manually alerting each approver when they need to act on a request. This feature streamlines the process and allows for quicker approvals, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Salesforce Advanced Approvals permits multiple, separate approval threads, ensuring the right people review the appropriate requests promptly.

Managing simultaneous approvals with a single approval process model can be complicated and laborious. AA allows for parallel approvals, which enables organizations to build separate approval chains for each group. This capability reduces the time it takes to authorize and finalize sales. 

2. Flexible Approval Criteria

With Salesforce Advanced Approvals, you can create approval rules that align with your company’s goals and objectives. This system helps personalize and simplify the approval process, making it easier for managers to track and monitor. Customized approval conditions offer greater flexibility and customization to tailor the approval process to your organization’s unique requirements. Additionally, this feature provides complete visibility and transparency into the approval process, which helps sales reps keep track of each request’s progress and get timely updates on their approval. 

3. Designation and Reassignment of Approvers

Many approval requests need to move up a chain of command in order to be ultimately finalized. Salesforce Advanced Approvals can simplify the process of obtaining approvals from all relevant team members in a specified order. For example, you can establish a chain that sends approvals through each management level of your finance team. The request is first sent to the lower-tier member for approval before moving on to the next higher level until it reaches the top of the hierarchy.

If it becomes necessary to reassign approvers to a specific case, AA provides an intuitive process to do so with just a few simple steps. With a single adjustment, your new approver change will be automatically reflected in the process, bypassing the need to manually add them to each step.

4. Approval Request Emails, Notifications, and Reminders

Using Salesforce’s robust tool, Visualforce, Advanced Approval users automatically send custom emails to each approver to prompt their response to a submitted record for approval. You can establish criteria for each email template to link them to approval rules. This feature lets you quickly notify all approvers and efficiently track the progress of each approval request. You can also set up automated reminders to ensure all approvers respond to each proposal swiftly. With a few clicks, approvers can recall, accept, or reject quotes, alerting all appropriate parties of the request’s status. 

5. Approval Records and Tracking

Salesforce Advanced Approvals promotes complete visibility on approvals, making governance and compliance more manageable and transparent. This function eliminates the risk of human error and reduces the time it takes to approve a request. Advanced Approvals also provides a comprehensive audit trail with an entire approval process history, making monitoring and tracking changes easier.

Sales representatives have easy access to a Visualforce flowchart to see the status of their requests anytime. The user-friendly flowchart shows the approval status of the request in real time. It enables all parties to recognize potential delays or problems in the process and take timely corrective action, enhancing workflow effectiveness. By doing away with the necessity for manual tracking of each request, it also saves time and effort.

6. Approvals from Mobile and Chatter Integrations

In today’s technology-driven world, organizations must offer user-friendly remote working solutions. Salesforce Advanced Approvals provides a state-of-the-art working environment with mobile and Chatter integrations within the CPQ software. 

With the help of the Chatter add-on for Salesforce, users can work effectively and securely from any location with the same degree of access and collaboration as they would in the office. This flexibility provides organizations with the opportunity to maximize their efficiency and productivity while providing employees with the freedom to work from wherever their roles take them.

Leverage Salesforce Custom Implementations and Process Automation

Harness the power of Salesforce Advanced Approvals and optimize your workflow by partnering with Astreca Consulting. Our team of skilled experts can help you leverage automation to set your organization up for success.

We understand the importance of streamlining your processes, and we can work with you to customize the Salesforce CPQ to meet your organization’s specific needs while helping you take advantage of the latest technology features. Contact Astreca Consulting today.

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