Salesforce Einstein Analytics: A Guide for Professionals

Salesforce Einstein Analytics: A Guide for Professionals

The Ins and Outs of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Data analysis is a critical practice that can help drive a business forward. Organizations can use data to make vital decisions based on consumer behaviors, past campaign performance, and prospect analysis. However, for many organizations, much of the information they collect does not get leveraged for their future growth.

If you’re wondering, “How can I get my data to work for me?,” Salesforce has answers to that question and more. Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based platform that helps sales organizations visualize their data. Einstein Analytic’s user-friendly interface gives businesses unprecedented insights into their information. 

How the CRM Analytics Tool Works

The beauty of the CRM analysis tool is that it utilizes the data sources you have already stored within Salesforce. Assuming you have not siloed your information elsewhere, you do not have to migrate data and learn an entirely new platform. Also, because it is cloud-based, the data is accessible anywhere, allowing users to work on the go when their duties take them out of the office. 

Because Salesforce Einstein Analytics pulls data from your existing system, it can generate robust reports, dashboards, and graphs based on the information essential to your business. At the same time, it can give you insights into what methods to collect data are the most fruitful so you can focus your efforts in the right direction. 

The Biggest Benefits for Your Business

Sitting in front of a spreadsheet filled with data can be a daunting experience. Parsing through row after row of seemingly endless information does not always inspire creativity. Fortunately, Einstein Analytics delivers engaging reports, dashboards, and charts that are as attractive as they are informative. And because Salesforce generates these visualizations directly from your database, you can drill down into individual records for a closer look. 

Better Decision-Making

One of the most significant benefits of Einstein Analytics is that it promotes interdepartmental data transparency. Your business’s prospects and consumers interact with your various teams at different points along their journeys. Chances are, your staff members record these interactions differently and in ways that make sense to their roles. By sharing dashboards across departments, your users can use data-driven decisions for more successful collaboration.  

The interactive functionality of Einstein Analytics provides a host of advantages for your sales team. Your reps can view all their relevant data in one location to quickly identify leads, opportunities, trends, and predictive insights. For a more detailed look, they can click through the data to dig deeper into records and pipeline info to create actionable sales strategies.  

Your marketing department can take advantage of real-time dashboards for their campaigns and audience analysis. With real-time updates, they can analyze lead conversion rates, media channel performance, and campaign results. Using this information, they can customize the timing, method, and content of their messaging and send it to segmented groups for a more targeted approach.

Improved Data Quality

Your company’s business intelligence is only effective if your data is accurate. Poor data can cause your teams to chase after futile leads, send communications to the wrong email addresses, and miss critical opportunities. Unfortunately, when bad data gets buried within a disorganized system, it can be challenging to identify. Because Einstein Analytics presents data through eye-catching reports, charts, and graphs, bad data has fewer places to hide.  

Built-in security measures within Einstein Analytics can also help monitor data quality. Alerts for duplicate records, missing values in fields, and extreme outliers let users know that there are records that might need attention. Also, you can access your company’s data quality scores and view supporting data, including advice on improving your score. 

Real-Time Insight Into Team Performance

Ensuring your team members have the tools they need to thrive is a significant step toward success. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Your team members also need insight into how they can optimize those tools with performance analysis.   

With features that allow you to compare benchmarks and track performance patterns, you can identify problem areas before they become more significant issues. This analysis will help you create targeted training for your staff to set them up for success by empowering them with actionable solutions. 

You can also track your staff members’ actions to confirm that data is secure by viewing reports pulled by each employee. You can see who has logged into the system and if they downloaded sensitive information to take offsite. Of course, you hope not to need such security measures, but they are there to give you peace of mind.   

How To Use Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Because Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an out-of-the-box cloud-based platform, there are no costs associated with installation. This model allows for a speedy setup and a pricing structure tailored to the unique needs of your business. You only pay for the features your teams require.

You can start analyzing, reporting, and charting as soon as Einstein Analytics is up and running. The platform has built-in reports that capture industry-standard information you can use immediately. For a more customized experience, you and your teams can configure all the visualized data to see a snapshot of what metrics are essential for you. As you get more comfortable with the system, these visualizations can get more complex, and each user can tailor the info to their roles. 

You can customize Einstein Analytics by creating personalized workflows and automating task alerts. You can also sync calendars and emails to reduce clicking between applications. Your teams will not have to use additional products to complete their work, saving you time and money. 

Learn More About Your Customers With Salesforce’s Analytical Tools

Salesforce is a powerful CRM, and Einstein Analytics makes it even more robust. Choosing the right partner is critical in optimizing your teams’ performance within the platform. Contact Astreca Consulting today to see how we can help guide you to success with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. 

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